About the Artist

Andreia Silva, that is the name of the artist.

She is Portuguese, to be more precise, born in Madeira Island, also known as the atlantic pearl.

Land of great food, great weather and beautiful landscaping. Since little been crazy over crayons and drawing, being one of the things that always were on her hobby list. Being fascinated by stories, fantasy, mythology, princesses and all that, marked her style, well that and manga/anime lol!

So fantasy art is her thing!

All she knows over drawing is what she had read on tutorials online and in one book or two she got from manga/anime how to draw.

Before putting some time into teaching herself on how to improve her skills, she used dolling ( A form of digital art, in which you find a base somewhere online or make your own, take it into a paint program, then draw and shade clothes on it.) as a way to express her creativity and drawing talent. She was known online as Orathty, the crazy doller over massive hairs and loads of folds, something that still proceeds with her on the drawing now. Is her style

Andreia also loves photography, to make some manual arts such as a bit of decoupage and books.

The MoonFlower is one of her newest adventures, as dolling was not enough to satisfy her growing desire to improve on her art.



Hi and welcome to my page! This page is dedicated to the art of Andreia Silva - MoonFlower Digistamps! A world of magic and fantasy created to take you in the wings of imagination. Thank you for visiting and enjoy!

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